We really are the sum total of all that we consume. Both good stuff and bad. This was true of our past but is especially true of our present and future. GIGO is a phrase that came out of the mathematics and computer world. It means “garbage in, garbage out”. We should always keep an ear and an eye out for what we are feeding into our minds. So I will be adding “Awesome Stuff” info and links that I think you should watch, read, buy, or support. Some of the content is affiliate content whereby I receive a small finders fee if you choose to follow the links and purchase it. Others are not. Either way all of that you find here has helped me or is just plain good. Just my humble opinion… May you continue to become all that you were designed to be which is totally AWESOME!

Without question this book is the foundation of all that is and all that I do. Or at least aspire to do. If you’ve not checked it out I highly recommend it. It explains the world in which we live and the world we will live in after we leave this earth. It also gives very practical tips on how to live an amazing and awesome life. A life full of adventure and discovery. And a life that makes sense. A very cool thing given the way our world seems to be going these days.

- MAKIN’ ROCKS ebook
If you ever wondered how faux, fake, or artificial rock is built this book lays it all out. I spent more than half a year writing it. Included are all the in’s and out’s of building an artificial rock waterfall, grotto, pond or pool from scratch. Materials, supplies, tools and techniques as well as how I started up my business from the beginning. If you’d like to improve your faux rock artistic abilities as well as your business skills this would be an excellent investment. To get a copy just follow this link.

Having made numerous concrete slides over the last 20 years or so I decided to put together all that I learned in an ebook. It includes tons of photos and illustrations and explains how to figure out where to place your slide, what angles and curves are best and how to make sure you’re making your slide safe. To get a copy just follow this link.

Richard Winget BANNER PHOTO.png

I ran across some of Richard’s training dvd’s recently. I contacted him and we spent quite a bit of time discussing our trade the importance of quality instruction and training’s What I can honestly say that he is an incredible person and one of the best in the business. With an extensive background in faux rock construction and design from large theme park work to smaller private residential projects he truly has the knowledge and skills to help you grow in your business and artificial rock construction skill sets. I strongly recommend that you grab a copy of one of his dvd’s or online downloadable training’s. Click here* for more info.
*affiliate link.

For many many years I’ve supported Food For The Poor. They focus on providing the most needy among us with food and safe drinking water. To support their work please follow this link