Technology vs Humanity


Do you find it more and more difficult to break through the wall that your wife, husband, son, daughter or friend has built with their phone? That devise that serves as a phone only a small fraction of the time? Or does your kid walk around with ear buds permanently attached to his/her head? Like they’re living in an alternate reality? Or maybe you have developed a compulsion to check your phone frequently to see if someone texted or messaged YOU!? Last I heard on average we check out our phones 80+ times a day. And that’s an AVERAGE! Well I’ve experience it all. In fact I think I’m addicted!

I hear the “call” of my phone 24/7. Its unrelenting. Not just my family but I’ve also gotten seduced by that “fickle finger of fate”. You know that simple push of a button or role of the finger on the mouse when you’re at your computer that opens up whole new worlds of information, videos, pictures and messages.

It’s so easy. I even think that the geniuses, the men and women who are “behind the green curtain”, the great and powerful Oz’s of the world have designed all this technology to be addictive on purpose.

But it’s the future. It’s progress you say. I got that. There’s no question. We have mighty tools of information access literally at our finger tips. The problem is how does boring old me compete with the almost infinitely moving colorful world of the internet. How does anyone? Well we don’t….unless WE become more colorful.

So from now on I’m gonna let my colors rein! Let me spirit shine. And if my family still can’t see me? I’m gonna make some noise! Or if all else fails, I’ll send them a text…in ALL CAPS! They’ll never know what hit them. :)

- Dave

Dave HendersonComment