"Makin" Rocks" Book Done!

I’ve finished writing my book Makin’ Rocks! It’s taken months to complete and includes decades of examples of projects I’ve created shown in hundreds of photos on over 135 pages. This book reveals everything I’ve learned over 34 years working with my hands. I show what works, what doesn’t and what the keys are to being able to design and build real and authentic looking rocks and water features. I also include some of the keys to starting and running a successful business.

So how’d I do this? I’ll tell you.

I went to a platform called www.Canva .com and opened one of it’s templates. I then set about creating the look I liked and filling the pages with content. Which given Canva’s functionality is a no brainier. But what to write about? Where to start? Well as they say let’s start at the beginning.

I’ve always loved working with my hands. Building things. I started in the dirt making holes in the ground that I covered with plywood. My brothers and I then climbed down into my Fort and began having adventures and imaginary battles with enemy barbarians. After I got a bit older I started building tree houses in the hundreds of eucalyptus trees that we had in our yard. Numerous times my mom would call me cuz dinner was ready but I’d have to stay working. I just couldn’t stop. My projects were a total obsession. Not much has changed in 55 years…

I got into ceramics in junior high school, (7th grade) then photography after graduating high school. My Uncle asked if I wanted to try working with his dental lab tech after I’d tried being a laborer so I said sure. I continued my photography passion which led to a career in sand sculpture as a sales rep and then a sculptor.

The next thing was makin rocks. Or more specifically ponds. I studied and figured out how to design, build sell pond projects. At the same time I started practicing and experimenting with building fake rock waterfalls. That led to almost 20 years building fake rock projects on swimming pools for folks in the San Diego area.

It was one obsession after another. Clay, Film, Gold, Porcelain, Sand, Concrete, whatever the medium I had to master it. Had to become the best I could be in that trade or art.

I got good at what I did and what I do because I made things my obsession. I put crazy hours into learning and practicing stuff. Point is you want to get good at something? Become successful at anything? Get obsessed! Get focused.

And if you want to get good at making rocks? Then get my book! It’s on sale for $10 OFF till November 10th. After that it’ll be $25. So get it while you can!

- Dave :)

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