Who decides what you do? Who directs your path? Your activities? Your agenda? Your goals? How you will react to life’s ups and downs? Well, YOU obviously! But how often have you found yourself giving away your power? Blaming someone or something for why you can’t do something, have somethings or achieve something? And have you also found yourself at times blaming yourself for why you can’t have, do, or say something? If you’re like me I bet you have. I call it THE BLAME GAME.

And who wins in the Blame Game? No one really. But boy do we love to play the game. I’ts pretty much become a national pastime like baseball.

Tens of thousands of people every day stay stuck in jobs they hate, can’t resolve problems in their relationships and never risk trying anything new. They’ve forgotten or learned how to ignore the first rule of life. That they are the Master of their own destiny. They are the captain of their ship, the leader of their band, the director of their Play and Author or their Story.

Entire people groups have come to believe that they can’t prosper or compete because another people group put road blocks in the way. And then the Blame Game takes over and responsibility for making life better personally is discarded.

Whole communities get swallowed up in this process to the detriment of it’s members. A massive tragedy of lost human potential, success, fulfillment, and happiness results.

But you say there have been injustices, and road blocks, (and worse) put in the way by others in the past, and even still today. Situations that were unfair, wrong and crazy. Well you would be correct, no question.

But I believe that the road blocks that people put in front of THEMSELVES by THEMSELVES, especially in America today VASTLY out numbers those from others.

WE are the biggest most consistently effective impediment to our own success there is!

We’ve forgotten who’s the Boss! And we’ve given all our power to others as well as our own insecure selves.

I did it. Most of use do. And we really do have legitimate reasons from the story of our lives. Our families were and are often broken. A broken dad and a broken Mom have a really hard time making unbroken kids. And then the kids end up impacting other kids in broken ways too. To one degree or another we’ve all found ourselves struggling with the consequences of this challenging and destructive process. And it’s been this way for thousands of years.

Mankind is broken…

But how come there are people who still succeed anyway? Who have successful relationships and kids that grow up with good self esteems but who aren’t arrogant or mean. They seem like they are able to embrace life with healthy confidence, purpose, and drive. Have a positive spirit about them. Yes! They are out there! And maybe that’s you! I congratulate you on this massive achievement. You have found a way to overcome the forces that wanted to pull you down. And maybe still try to. But none the less, they can’t and don’t win. Well done!

But for the rest of us what are we to do?

I believe we must go back to the beginning. The truth of who we are and who we really can become. Believe it or not you are a child of God. Made in His image and likeness. You are not an accident or just a bunch of tissue! You have infinite value and potential. And there’s even a book of directions. An owners manual for life. Ya, It’s the Good Book. The Bible.

Read the Psalms and Proverbs and discover age old council and wisdom on how best to navigate the road of life and what It’s all about. Read other parts and discover you’re able to clean your slate of all the wrong doings you’ve ever committed and be made right to then one day be able to stand clear and clean in the presence and perfection of God! And that’s by just accepting the gift of forgiveness that Jesus offers!

Then, as the Book says, you will become a new creation. The old will be made new. AND you will have a new Spirit living inside that will help and guide you going forward. A still quite voice that you can learn to hear everyday more and more. And then you will be able to become more of what you were actually designed to be! You’ll be more able to do the things you were designed to do!

You’ll remember that you, (with Gods help) can direct your life, steer your ship and write your own story! No longer will the brokenness guide your path forward. Or the Blame Game control your mind.

You will start becoming the You You were meant to be.

It’s what I’ve been doing and I can tell you IT’S WAY BETTER and WAY MORE FUN!

So go for it! Open the Book. Then watch what God is going to do……with little ole’ YOU!

- Dave :)

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