How to Making Money Out of Thin Air!

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When I moved to the town I now live in about 14 years ago there was a field in the town. I drove past it every day on my way to and from work. It was maybe four or five acres in size with a worn out fence and lot’s of weeds. For years it didn’t change. Then one day it did. Large earth movers began to dig and shape the soil and over the next few months what had been an empty field turned into a brand new shopping center with Albertson’s, Verizon, Starbucks, hair salon, McDonald’s and some other stores. A piece of dirt that had only generated modest property tax revenues now produced massive tax revenues and MILLIONS of dollars in income for the businesses now there as well as dozens of jobs for people. Each of which now continues to pay income taxes. There’s also tens of thousands of dollars in sales taxes that are yearly generated…. The property was developed.

Did any funds come from a giant pot of money that we all own or some government “Peoples” fund to build it? Nope. It came from private citizens and businesses who were willing to risk investing their own private and corporate funds. Unless you personally were a part of the development team it cost you NOTHING.

Did you loose anything because this land was developed? Of course not. Did the new financial rewards that went and are going to the private citizens and corporations due to their investment in the development of the land take anything away from you? Of course not again. In fact if you lived where I do you now have products and services now available to you that were not available unless you drove farther away.

And yet some people seem to be upset when people and corporations are successful and reap the rewards of their ventures. Like for them to be successful they must have taken it from others. This is absurd.

Success and wealth IS NOT a zero some game. The truth is that businesses and people who successfully invent, create and grow there enterprises are literally making money out of thin air! They are providing something that people like, want, and need.

For example in 1950 before cell phones had been invented how many millions of dollars got spent on them each year? Zero. Nowadays it’s surely in the hundreds of millions or billions. Where did the money come from? From people choosing to spend their own money. Not from some collective pool we’ve all contributed to which is limited. This is why the US Stock Exchange is much larger than in 1950.

The point is you and I, in this amazing country of America, can if, we choose to, make money out of thin air! Create something, invent something or come up with a better way of doing something and you can generate hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars for yourself, family, and others! With NONE OF MONIES being taken away from anyone in the process! They are voluntarily given by people who want the product or service you’ve created.

This simply comes from people starting with an idea and then with time and hard work tuning their idea into a business.

Take a pile of sand. All it is is grains of silica. To buy a dump truck full might cost you $1,300. But when I, (a professional sand sculptor) take that dump truck full of sand and through compacting it and carving it make a fantastical castle, dragon or other cool sand sculpture that $1,300 pile of sand can generate ten, 15 or even twenty thousand dollars in income for me and my team! That money came from a business that freely chose to hire me and pay me for my services. Not from or out of the pockets of anyone else.

In fact one project I built generated $1,200 per day net to me! Was it fair that I made that much while the laborers who shoveled that sand during it’s construction only got minimum wage? Of course it was! Any one of the people I hired could, if they chose to, study, learn and become able to start their own businesses and go get a job that rewards then financially themselves.

Among the many things that the Bible speaks about one of the subjects has to do with coveting or wanting and desiring what others have. This is something we should all avoid. If someone is successful, wealthy, good looking or talented we should simply wish them well. And then set about discovering what we are all about. What we have a passion for. What we can do to help others get what they like want and need. We can even study those who are successful and try and learn how they did what they did and are doing what they do.

With a focus on what we can do for others and a lot of hard work one day we really can MAKE MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR!

- Dave :)

Dave Henderson