For those of you who would like more direct assistance I am available for one on one coaching on projects that you have currently under construction, particular problems that you're needing to deal with now, or are anticipating possibly facing in the future.  This can be approached in the following ways.

- Online email or phone communications. 
- Video conference calls.
- Complete project specific, reviews, trouble shooting and feedback. 
- On-site consulting. 
- On-site training and instruction. 
- San Diego based training's. 


Group instruction is also available.  I can travel to your location and provide you with a custom designed course based on your specific needs, preferences, or goals.  Or I can develop a course for you that you and your staff or associates can attend right here in the San Diego area at Alpine Studios, my local teaching site.  Subjects can include the following.

- Fundamentals of project design both on paper and on site. 
- Tools and techniques used in creating high quality faux rock projects. 
- Mix designs and best practices for project success and safety. 
- Hands-on demonstrations on how to make faux rock NOT look fake from start to finish.
- How to think on your feet.  Adjusting to challenges that will come up. 
- Efficiency and Teamwork. Top tricks that keep costs down and profits up.  


Email consulting is FREE for the first 3 simple emails*.  After that the following applies.
- For phone or video calls $200* per 30 min., (.5 hour minimum).
- For complete project specific reviews, trouble shooting and feedback $500* per project.  (Includes written report and links to other content to support the overall customer package)
- On-site consulting, $900* per day, maximum 8 hours, (currently half off regular price of $1,800 a day fee!), plus $450* for travel days, plus all travel, lodging and a $85* daily perdium.  
On-site training and instruction. Same as above "on-site consulting".

  * All fees are subject to change without notice. 

BOOKINGS: 33% to book project. 33% paid upon arrival at project site. Then 34% upon project completion. Excludes travel expenses which are to be added to the first payment.

CANCELLATIONS: Client to receive a full refund up to 5 days prior to project assistance scheduled start date minus any non-refundable fees/expenses.   Sorry, any cancellations within 5 days of project start will receive no refund.  No fee changes once project assistance start date has been booked.
 * These fees are for a maximum of two clients/students.  


For a starting point Group training's will be billed at $900** per day, maximum 8 hours, (currently half off my regular price of $1,800 a day fee!), plus $450** for travel days, plus all travel, lodging and a $85** daily perdium.

Depending on the specifics of the training, it's location, the size of the project or class, and the number of students MAY require a specific budget estimate based on a case by case basis.   Also, client to provide all supplies and materials for any and all training's. 

** All fees subject to change without notice with all the additional refund and fee related policies explained to the left.  These classes/training's are for multiple students with a maximum of 12. Larger classes will have an additional instructor/trainer brought in for an additional fee to be determined.

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