The Artist Inside You

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It’s true! There is an Artist living inside you. He/she has been there since day one. You were born an amazingly complicated, marvelous, miraculous and creative being possessing the ability to think up, design and create. It’s in your DNA! You can’t help but be artistic.

But you say “I can’t draw” or “I’m not creative”, something I’ve heard numerous times from people for years. My response to that? I say Bunk! Every day you decide what color shirt or blouse to wear. What combination of clothing accessories to put together for your “look” before you launch into your day. When you move into a house or apartment do you make any decisions as to what should go on the walls or what kind of furniture to buy? Of course you do! Even if you delegate that to someone else the truth is you actually do have an opinion on what should go into your living space. And being able to think about and come up with an opinion on a question of color, item, subject, size, shape, texture, or any other topic is what artists do every day. Whether it’s about what to write if your an author, what you want to build if you’re a contractor, or what shoes to wear when you go to work. All of it, everything we choose, are creative decisions.

So the question isn’t whether or not you’re an artist, a creative being, and a person who possesses amazing potential, the question is are you utilizing all of your abilities and capabilities. Far to often people are not…

In fact, what I’ve seen over the years is that way too many people have accepted limiting ideas and attitudes about themselves. They’ve let others define what they are capable of or even worse what they’re worthy of receiving. And usually that starts in the home sadly.

But this is not the end of the story. Not at all! You can overcome the consequences of your past and the unhelpful impacts people have had on you. You are NOT the negative, defeating, diminishing, comments others have said about you!

You are in fact made in the image and likeness of God. You are not a mistake, an accident or of no value. Quite the opposite.

So here the rah rah’s. It’s time to claim your birth-rite! Your God given full potential. You can overcome much, if not all, of what was done, or happened to you. One day at a time…

And that’s what I did. I started with a 12 step group program meeting once a week for adult children of alcoholics or ACA. Interestingly my parents didn’t drink. I did however discover that I had a pretty good sized load of dysfunctional habits, beliefs and attitudes about myself. None of which were serving me well. So I started reading books and articles on human behavior and how best to deal with my past and the sometimes negative impacts that came from what I’d gone through. Even tried personal counseling for a bit which was also very helpful. Then little by little I began to change.

I started to understand what makes me tick. Why I do what I do and don’t do what I know I should do. Then through this process I discovered more and more of the artist within me. I started risking more, creating more. Started trying new things. Learning new things. Even did a Firewalk with Tony Robbins!, (and no I didn’t burn my feet). Tried hang gliding, scuba diving, and skydived….once. I learned how to be a sculptor in, of all things….sand!

I did some public speaking and started a photography business. Basically if I had a fear I determined to do that which I was afraid of. And boy did it pay off! I began living my life more fully, with more confidence, creativity and with less regret. But I had to change how I thought about things before any change in outcomes could occur

As the saying goes “if you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!”


Getting rid of the junk and gunk inside ourselves, (those negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs), frees us to live the life we were designed to live. The creative life. The artistic life. The full life.

Thus I pray that today you start the journey of discovering how you tick. Start dispensing with attitudes and beliefs that don’t help or serve you. And then more and more start creating a new picture on the canvas that is your life. Because the truth is you really do have an artist living inside you that’s just itching to get out, pick up some color and make something beautiful that’s all about what God actually made you to be!

- Dave

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