New Tools for Growing Your,(and My) Business


    Is your business growing?  Are you happy with the way it's being run?  The way your life is?  Would you like to make $500, $1,000, $5000 or more each month extra?  Well duh, of course we all would.  The truth is when I'm getting paid only when my arms and hands are moving then I'm limited to how much I can earn or make.  And as an artists and sculptor I've found it very difficult to duplicate myself.  I'm also almost 60 with a pretty tough medical issue, (besides just being almost 60) of kidney failure, (waiting on a second transplant).  So what to do?  I need to create a plan B. 

    A few months ago, (February 2018) I was telling my Nephew Corey, that I was making a new website.  It'd been years since I had made my site and it was pretty outdated.  I told him I had found a company in India to take care of it and that it was almost done.  So I shared what they had come up with so far and he said it was pretty bad.  Terrible in fact.  I also mentioned to him that I was wanting to find a way to share some of what I'd learned in my life as a sculptor, businessman, artist, survivor of kidney failure....and just life lessons as well.

    He said cool!  I can help you with this.  He said he would build (2) site for me.  One for my usual contracting business ( and another for my new "info business" (   He also said I should start listening to Podcasts.  I'd never done that before.  Kinda knew what they were but that was it.  

    So he took my phone and subscribed me to (5) different ones and started working on my sites.   I started listening to the podcasts...   

    And this was where things started to get REALLY interesting!   I began to learn so many powerful tools, strategies, approaches and techniques that could help me with my contracting business AND move me forward towards my dream of helping others start or grow their businesses, become better and more effective artists, creators, tradesmen and people.  

    It's only been a few weeks since we launched my new sites but I can already see things happening.  I've gotten messages from all over the globe telling me how much they appreciated my videos and the other content I've begun sharing.  And I am getting very excited at all the ideas I have for the new content I can create, share and one day monetize.  It's very positively helping me even now to acquire new clients and grow my Brand.  

    But back to my first questions, if you're at all interested in starting or growing your business here's just a few things you should do.  The old ways of marketing just aren't as effective as they used to be.  People want to by from people.  People they know and trust.  By building a personal Brand and growing an email list you can develop connections with people who will help you in your business and tell others about you. 

    So start listening to blogs, (like the one below), that teach you how to use the internet to connect with your market and find new prospects, clients, and even students.  Or even take a course or other training, workshop, or read a book(s).  You can and should also start to build up your personal Brand, (note my book referral below).  And then when you're ready you could start a blog, Podcast, teach a webinar, set up a Youtube Channel, Business Facebook page, teach a workshop, start or join a Mastermind group or write a book...  There's so many ways to share your expertise and help others grow and improve their own businesses and lives!  And yes, you are an expert by the way! 

    Then at some point you could, if you chose to, begin to monetize your knowledge to start generating additional income per month.  In fact many of the podcasts have interviews of really great people who are doing just that.  Helping others massively and earning great money to boot!   Some waaaay more than $5000 a month.  Remember Zig Ziggler's quote: "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want".

    So here's just some of what I've found really helpful so far.

1) - Listen to Pat Flynn's Podcasts as often as you can, (he has hundreds of them).  Just go to to subscribe.

2) - Pick up a copy of "Rise of The Youpreneur" by Chris Ducker and read it.  Go to or

3) - Consider updating or optimizing your website and then begin the process of building an email list.  

4) - Start thinking outside your usual life.  The patterns you're used to.  The expectations you're used to.  The limitations you're used to. 

    Because each new day is the day we can write a new script for the story that is our lives.  For we are in fact it's author....

- Dave 

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