A New Journey Begins...

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Welcome fellow creators, contractors, crafters, and artists!  Builders, businessmen, entrepreneurs and explorers!  Today I enter into a new realm.  The realm of the person who is stepping out and risking.  Trying something new.  Stretching and reaching for new frontiers.  Now this is not the first time I've ventured forth into the void of the unknown.  If fact, I have been pushing myself into the "uncomfortable zone" for years.  You know that place where you fear failure or worse the possible scorn, laughter and condemnation of others...or even yourself.  

Yes, in spite of the this risk today I am starting the process of becoming a teacher, consultant, instructor and EXPERT.  Someone who knows lots of stuff and is ready, willing and able to share what they've learned with others.  Especially you!  

Why?  Because after 34+ years in the business of creating I've come to understand some things.  Things like the value of seeing projects that I've built come to life before my eyes.  Things like the smiles and appreciation that come from folks who are so glad you took the time to put together their project in the way they wanted or better, came up with awesome ideas that they hadn't expected.  The value of meeting and helping people who really are glad you do what you do and did what you did.   The value of serving others...

Now the truth is I'm already an expert.  I have started multiple businesses some of which have generated millions of dollars and touched the lives of thousands of people.  And all of it from just the use of my two hands.  Not computers, but just my two hands.  And I should also add my two legs, back and the rest of the bod...  I've made things. 

So now I want to show you how you can make things too.  Things that people like, want and need.  Things that add beauty, joy and smiles to peoples lives.  And how is that going to happen?  Well it's going to happen firstly by you doing the same thing I'm doing today.  By your stepping out of your comfort zone.  By you stretching and reaching for something new.  By risking failure and the possible uncomfortable comments of others or even yourself.   

And it all begins in your mind.  Before you take a step forward you need to think "step forward" and then you need to actually step forward with your feet, grab the book, watch the video, or sign up for classes or workshops etc....  You don't want to think, "oh, I can't do that, I'm not creative" or some other self defeating self talk that just keeps you, and us all, stuck, standing in place and not learning, growing and improving our lives.  No, you actually can, should and deserve to walk forward into all that life has for you.  And today's the day to start! 

I hereby thus invite you to begin your journey of discovery by following me and my new venture into the "uncomfortable zone" of the "new"!   I will be adding information, content, blogs, newsletters, courses, videos and more that I hope you will find instructive, helpful and interesting.  I also would ask that you please send me your thoughts, ideas and feedback so I can better serve your needs and goals moving forward.  Really I need and want your help!  In the meantime please check out my Youtube ChannelFacebook page, and Instagram page to see what I've been up too and more of what I do. 

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to meeting you one of these days.  Now go have an awesome day no matter what! 

- Mr. Dave  :)