What's YOUR Next Step?


You have a new idea.  You want to change your life.  Go in a new direction.  That may be why your reading this.  Well I say BRAVO!  You have already begun the movement, the "going towards" that which you want.  Because without taking that first step a thousand mile journey, or even a one mile journey, will never take place. 

I am taking that first step as well.  I've lived my whole life making money using my hands.  That is creating new "things" that people like, want, and need.  And I want to now tell and teach others, (you) how I did it. 

Of course I had to learn stuff too.  With my mind as well as my hands.  This required overcoming my self doubts, insecurities, and the negative aspects of myself that stood in the way.  

And this took and takes time.  So do you have any of those traits?  Things that disable you?  If you're like most people you do.  However, you're reading this so you're already on the right track.  And what's really cool is that our lives really can change in an instant...  It also takes a willingness to step out of the comfort zone of our current status or place.  Patterns, habits, beliefs that make up the average day.  A day full of discovery and challenge or a day full of safety and predictability.  

Mind you I like safety and predictability.  But including discovery and challenge in our daily experience can stretch us.  And we need to be stretched.  It helps our blood flow better, our mind stay sharper and are spirits stay more elevated.  WE NEED TO MOVE!

So move towards thinking better thoughts, listening to better info.  Expose yourself to more encouraging, uplifting hope filled people.   For once we do that we are then following the path of the more successful, happy, loving people we hear about and know.  We need to follow the good ole' "monkey see monkey do" in this case.  :)

For me I'm now listening to cool Podcasts.  Information from and about successful people of integrity and impact.  Instead of just the radio I'm learning TONS of information about real people living successful lives making a difference!  Check out Pat Flynn for example.  See Smart Passive Income for more info.  I'm starting this new info biz.  Learning about all this online internet stuff...  And it's really exciting! 

But what's YOUR next step?  If you're in good shape and have conquered your "demons", those things that get in the way of your future, awesome!  If you're like most of us you still have moments of struggle and that's OK too.  We only need to focus on this one day.  And doing just one thing in that one day that moves us in the right direction.   

Here's some ideas:

* Find a blog that inspires you, teaches you, helps you think in new and better ways.
* Wright out 3 things you're thankful for every morning.  Just one morning at a time...
* Make someone smile or laugh every day and make yourself laugh too.
* Read a book, blog or article that pushes your thinking upwards. 
* Sign up for a course, webinar, or workshop that's on a subject that feeds your soul.
* Watch a video that educates and inspires.  Makes you feel good about people and our world.
* And don't forget to invest in your spiritual journey.  Cuz there really is more to this whole
  world than meets the eye...

This is the path of life that leads to good things.  May this be a path that we choose to take so we can help others take it as well. 

We've heard before that life isn't about what happens to us, it's about how we respond to what happens to us.  Let us respond with patience, kindness, hope and love even when things get hard.... and never stop learning cool stuff!

Thank you for your time....

Please send me comments, ideas, questions or feedback.  Because I really want to know what you think so I can better serve you.  Now go have an awesome day no matter what!   :)

—Mr. Dave 

Dave HendersonComment